Source: (1999) Colloquium on Violence and Religion (Cov&r) 1999 Conference, Atlanta, GA. Emory University Department of Religion. 13 February 2003.

Significant questions relevant to restorative justice have to do with the extent to which reforms of Western legal systems can incorporate adjudicatory systems of non-Western cultures, and the role of religion in affecting transferability. Indeed, matters of religion, culture, and law are in the foreground of much of the discussion about restorative justice. Hence, Sara Osborne employs Rene Girard’s anthropological approach to address these questions and issues as they relate to restorative justice. In particular, she looks at religion and its manifestations in cultural norms, such as law, in relation to the question of ultimate authority. That is, what authority compels one response, such as restorative justice, as against another? Or, where do we look for ultimate authority?

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