Source: (2009) Monograph 161, Institute for Security Studies.

In this monograph, four eminent critics and researchers examine the theory and practice of criminal justice in Africa. Th is monograph provides us with an important opportunity to engage in the debate through exploring various themes on the expression of democracy and justice through the workings of criminal justice systems of some countries in Africa... Through their essays the authors of this monograph have raised pivotal questions about the theory and practice of criminal justice in Africa. As researchers, we should note that criminal justice systems anywhere in the world are dependent on the resources that the state makes available to them. The efficacy of criminal justice systems has consequences for human rights practices and, by extension, democracy. Africa is no exception when it comes to putting in place, observing and practising human rights and democracy. The mere practice of democracy does not in any way guarantee effective and efficient access to justice. In Africa, the theory and practice of criminal justice requires radical transformation if we are to achieve access to justice for all. (excerpt)

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