Source: (2014) Arizona Summit law Review. 7: 527-538.

This Article is a product of the mainstreaming project, which will enhance the project's international reach by examining Israeli law. Specifically, this Article will evaluate the legal landscape of youth justice legislation in Israel to see whether TJ can be mainstreamed and thrive within. In doing so, this Article will rely on a recent paper by David B. Wexler, who suggested that we can conceptualize practices and techniques of TJ as a kind of "liquid" and we can look at the legal landscape as a "bottle."' By examining the legal rules and proceedings, we can evaluate "how much of the TJ liquid can be poured into the assorted bottles." In particular, this Article looks at legislation regarding youth defendants or offenders in Israel, examines these legal rules and procedures to see how much liquid can be poured into the bottle, and whether this legal landscape is TJ friendly. Such an evaluation will teach us whether the legal landscape, as is, will allow for easy mainstreaming of TJ within youth courts. We can also learn what aspects may provide a challenge in mainstreaming TJ, as well as what changes can be made to enhance TJ potential. Before we turn to a discussion on youth justice in Israel, it will be helpful to elaborate some more on TJ and specific practices and techniques.