Source: (2009) Uncommon Currency. March 2009.

We all seem to believe that the world is a much smaller place than it used to be. By clicking a mouse or carrying a cell phone, we can connect to any one, any where at any time. We can have all of the information that we want and access to whatever we desire if we have the correct currency -food and drink is delivered to our door, movies are downloaded to our computer. We can even date and maintain “real time” relationships with people who live thousands of miles away from us. If we do venture out into the world, we can even save ourselves time and be spared the discomfort of making small talk with a clerk by choosing to use the self-checkout aisle at a grocery store. Technology is important and it is helpful. But I do wonder whether the world is really much smaller than it used to be. Sometimes it feels a little larger. (Excerpt).

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