Source: (2012) European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice .20: 315-359.

Hence, this paper has three objectives: to discuss and analyze victims' participation purposes and goals, as without knowing why victims have standing rights it becomes equally uncertain what and when victims can do before the ICC. Secondly, the study of the early jurisprudence will provide an overview of what has been done so far with regard to the most controversial issues faced by the Court. Thus, considering the purposes identified in the first objective, the present essay will determine whether or not the interests of the victims and those of the parties have been fulfilled. For each issue this paper will attempt to suggest, taking into consideration the latest jurisprudence, a possible direction for future reforms in that field that might have the potential to facilitate the Court in providing satisfactory and meaningful participation to victims, recognizing and respecting the rights of the accused and increasing the efficiency and fairness of ICC trials. (excerpt)