On Monday, KING 5 News aired surveillance footage of a man stealing the lawn decoration from her front porch, while she and her family were on vacation.

...But Wednesday morning, the stolen penguin reappeared.

...The Hoods found the penguin over at the side of the house. A place where surveillance cameras couldn't capture the thief returning to the scene of the crime.

"So I ran downstairs, ran out in the front yard in my nightgown with no shoes and I saw a big plastic bag with a note on it," said Alexis.

The handwritten letter attached to the penguin said: "It was never our intention to upset you, or even worse, make your 10-year-old daughter sad... We hope that our actions have not made you feel unsafe in your own home... We feel you deserve an apology in person, but due to our embarrassment we are writing a letter."

"That was very nice," said Alexis.

"They probably are very pleasant people who made a bad decision," said Alexis' father. "At least they were good enough to own up to it and bring it back."

Now all is forgiven and both kids and adults learned the importance of saying you're sorry and righting a wrong.

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