Source: (2013) Richmond, Jesuit Social Services

In Section 4 of the report, the underlying values, structure and operation of the youth justice system in Victoria are described. Jurisdictions vary in the relative emphasis placed upon two approaches: the welfare approach which focuses primarily on behaviour change and crime reduction through interventions to address the underlying social causes of offending, and the justice approach, which is underpinned by traditional notions of criminal behaviour and appropriate responses to it. This approach is influenced by deterrence theory and seeks to hold children to account for their actions and to ensure swift, impartial and fair administration of justice. Another approach to youth justice which has been influential in Australia in recent years is restorative justice. This approach seeks to hold offenders to account for their actions and to provide them with the opportunity to restore their broken relationship with the victim, the community and, in many cases, with their own family. Thinking Outside conceives the Victorian youth justice system to be a hybrid mix of both justice and welfare approaches to children, while also incorporating elements of the restorative justice approach. (excerpt)

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