Source: (2001) The Howard League Magazine 19 (November): 13.

David Faulkner, chair of the Howard League, reflects in this article on changes taking place in the criminal justice system and in public services in England. In both these spheres, states Faulkner, the “new managerialâ€? culture has been gathering momentum for several years. For both promoters and implementers in government, the aims of this culture were always ambiguous – greater public protection and satisfaction on the one hand, and reduced costs and efficiency savings on the other hand. The results have been equally ambiguous. As he says, performance indicators have their place, but in and of themselves they lack professional vision and ethical principle. In this context, Faulkner links reform of criminal justice and modernization of public services with respect to vision, principles, and results; and he offers several key lessons for government managers and practitioners in reforming criminal justice and public services.