Source: (2010) Independent Commission on Youth Crime and Antisocial Behaviour.

At the heart of our intended reforms are proposals for a major expansion of a problem-solving approach to crime and antisocial behaviour known as restorative justice. This gives the victims of crime a central right to be heard, as the offender and those affected by their offence come together to agree what amends should be made for the harm done. Restorative justice is already used in some schools and children’s homes to tackle bullying and to resolve disputes. We would like to see more of this. It is increasingly deployed by police forces and local Youth Offending Teams to deal with low-level offending by children and young people. Our recommendation is that restorative justice should become the standard means of resolving the majority of cases: either pre-trial where prosecution is an alternative option, or when children and young people are convicted by a court. (excerpt)

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