Source: (2010) London: The Police Foundation.

This report, commissioned jointly by JUSTICE and The Police Foundation, is a companion document to the July 2010 report of the Independent Commission on Youth Crime and Antisocial Behaviour, Time for a fresh start.1 Based on principle and the available international evidence, it proposes that a form of restorative justice known as restorative youth conferencing should be introduced in England and Wales to deal with most cases of offending and antisocial behaviour committed by children and young people under 18.2 Under the proposed new system, restorative youth conferences would replace court appearances in most cases of admitted offending or antisocial behaviour. Youth courts would be retained to deal with trials in contested criminal cases and sentencing in cases where restorative youth conferencing was unsuccessful or inappropriate. Children and young people would no longer appear in the Crown Court: very serious cases would instead be heard by a modified youth court.(excerpt)

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