Source: (2002) Ottawa: Correctional Service of Canada.

As this paper indicates, people of faith have contributed in significant ways in shaping criminal justice thought and developing creative responses to criminal behavior. Is it possible to chart a strategic direction for the chaplaincy branch of the Correctional Service of Canada, especially given the diversity of spiritual and religious life in society at large and the correctional system in particular? Amid this context, and with awareness of the difficulties, the Correctional Service of Canada attempts in this document to give structure and vision to the chaplaincy’s work in the correctional system. The aims are to increase the chaplaincy capacity to meet the Correctional Service’s mission, justify developmental projects, clarify objectives for chaplains and related workers, foster the Correctional Service’s ability to meet new challenges such as increased religious plurality, and enhance internal and external public relations for the chaplaincy. The document covers the mission and values of the chaplaincy, an environmental or a situation analysis, strategic issues, and appendices on mandates in chaplaincy and partnerships in chaplaincy.