Source: (2002) Crime and Deliquency. 48(2): 204-231.

In previous research,cor e peacemaking criminology themes addressed by authors within the Pepinsky and Quinney reader were examined. These peacemaking criminology themes are types of crimes/social harms embedded in current social structure,types of theoretical frameworks/perspectives guiding peacemaking criminology,and types of peacemaking alternatives to confront the social injustices underlying crimes/social harms in today’s society. Building on this previous research as well as a survey of peacemaking authors,this article illustrates how elements of a peacemaking criminology theoretical model come into view. The article then explores the basic nature and connections of the elements in this peacemaking criminology theoretical model. The analysis concludes with suggestions of ways this peacemaking criminology theoretical model can be adapted toward future crime research and policies. (author's abstract)