Source: (1998) Ottawa: Solicitor General Canada.

The Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA) was enacted by the Canadian Parliament in 1992. It is the legislative foundation of federal corrections and conditional release. The Act stipulated a Parliamentary review in five years. In March 1998 the Solicitor General released a paper on the CCRA, a paper entitled Towards a just, peaceful and safe society: The Corrections and Conditional Release Act five years later. The paper provided information on key aspects of the CCRA based on a number of evaluation studies. With the release of the paper, the Solicitor General invited interested Canadians to comment on the CCRA. After a number of consultations following the March release of the paper, this document consists of a report on those consultations. It surveys participants’ perspectives on the CCRA and the following topics: public safety and reintegration; openness of information and processes and accountability; fair processes and equitable decisions; and special groups and special needs.