Source: (2002) Restorative Justice Week 2002 Resource Kit. Ottawa, Ontario: Restorative Justice and Dispute Resolution Branch, Correctional Services Canada.

Jane Miller-Ashton is Director General of the Restorative Justice and Dispute Resolution Branch of the Correctional Service of Canada. In this paper Miller-Ashton writes about justice and healing at a time close to the first anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks against targets in the United States. She recalls this event and its terrible harms, and she goes on to discuss the needs victims have in the wake of trauma from terrorism, crime, and other violence. In this context, she notes a restorative justice training she and others conducted in South Africa. As the trainers and South African participants together explored issues of crime, victimization, and justice, Miller-Ashton caught glimpses of a justice that heals in the aftermath of violence and pain.