Source: (2003) London Borough of Tower Hamlets and City of London. Metropolitan Police. Downloaded 10 February 2004.

Tower Hamlets Youth Justice Strategy for 2003-2004 and results for 2002-2003. The targets achieved by the team are: 1: reduce the number of young offenders committing offences of domestic burglary, vehicle crime, and robery (by 8%, 20%, and 5% respectively). Measure 2: Reduce re-offending rates for pre-court disposals, first tier penalties, community penalties, and custodial penalties by 3%. Measure 3: Increase the proportion of final warnings supported by interventions (70% supported). Measure 6: Proportion of victims, who have been either consulted or who have participated in restorative processes, are either satisfied or very satisfied with the outcome (70% targeted). Measure 13: Mental Health , acute and non-acute referrals to CAMHS to have assessments commenced in 5 and 15 days respectively (100%). All of these targets have been met ahead of their deadline. (excerpt)

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