Source: (2002) Canberra, Friday 28 June 2002. Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory. Downloaded 10 February 2004.

This document consists of a transcript of evidence presented before the Standing Committee on Health of the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory. This transcript was made at a meeting held in Canberra, Australia, on 28 June 2002, and the specific subject of the hearing was school bullying. The document contains the testimony of a number of people, such as Dr. Brenda Morrison from the Australian National University’s Centre for Restorative Justice, as well as people involved in working with youth, community development, and schools. A number of topics are addressed in the course of testimony by presenters and dialogue between presenters and committee members. Topics include, for example, the nature and purpose of restorative justice, shaming, school bullying, community involvement in schools, and physical and mental health issues for young people.

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