Source: (2012) Sage. E-beulletin. (July) #2

The following is an overview of one small, special occasion where this exploration is taking place under the banner of Transforming Communities. In a neighbourhood in the east end of Ottawa called Vanier, the Transforming Communities initiative began as a series of round table processes in 2010. Based on round table discussions which identified challenges in the local community of Vanier, a series of trainings was organized in 2011 by Transforming Communities convenors. The trainings that began in winter 2011 continued through spring 2012, with sessions on round table processes, non-violent parenting, intercultural communication, conflict resolution in schools, crime in the community, and an introduction to restorative circles. The series of sessions culminated in a three day intensive training in Restorative Justice led by the esteemed Rev. Dr. Pierre Allard and Fr. Philip Landenne from June 6-8. It was the privilege of this community member to take part in the three day training, and to have the opportunity to share some insights from the experience.(excerpt)

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