Source: (2011) Revisioning Justice. Restorative Justice Week 2011. Correctional Services Canada.

Many of us advocates for restorative justice (RJ) like to think outside the box when it comes to the application of RJ. We dream about what RJ would look like if all of us applied RJ principles to our own personal lives, and what society would look like if RJ principles were adopted beyond the criminal justice arena. Sometimes this notion of justice responses having the potential to transform both the personal realm and the societal realm has raised the debate in the RJ field that “Restorative Justice” should really be more about “Transformative Justice”. In other words, that “restoring” may cause us to focus on re-establishing an existing dynamic (whether healthy or unhealthy), and that “transforming” would help us truly challenge and change existing unhealthy dynamics. I don’t intend to settle the debate between whether we should use the term transformative justice over restorative justice, but I would like to invite us to re-vision what a more overt “transformative approach” to RJ might look like in both our personal lives and wider society. In both cases, bringing a transformative lens to RJ involves examining our relationship with power.(excerpt)