Source: (2007) Devon, UK: Willan Publishing.

"The book explores the underside of the youth justice reforms in the everyday lives and experiences of those professionals whose task it was to enact them. Its focus therefore is not an evaluation of the implementation of the new youth justice measures (for which see, for example, Burnett and Appleton 2004; Holdaway et al. 2001; Crawford and Newburn 2003)but the changes they effected at the level of mundane professinoal practice. It examines the sweeping national reorganisation of the youth justice system through an ethnographic study of the formation of a single YOT in one locality. It follows a local authority social services Youth Justice Team through its transition into a multi-agency organisation, exploring the challenges this raised for practitioners as they carried out the delivery of youth justice services in the context of organisational change. In particular, it explores the effects of the transformation of the youth justice system on practitioners' sense of occupational identity, culture and vocation." (excerpt)