Source: (2007) In John Hamel and Tonia L. Nicholls, Ed., Family Interventions in Domestic Violence. New York, USA: Springer Publishing Company. Pp. 417-436.

"Exploring family violence brings up profound questions that challenge the way we see ourselves and others. Our response to this problem reveals as much about us as it does the perpetrators and victims. Do we minimize the violence, believing that parents (especially mothers) always know and do what's best for their children? Do we justify frequent use of corporal punishment as necessary response to "bad"kids? Are we so overshelmed by the tragedy of family violence that we avoid the topic? Do we get so angry at the perpetrators of this violence that we just want to punish them? Are we so anxious about safety that we just want the victim to leave the perpetrator and get angry at them when they don't? Do we project our own dark side onto these perpetrators or our own fears onto the victims? The issue may be so complex that we seek out simplistic answers and solutions." (excerpt)