Source: (2010) In, Sharanjeet Parmar, et. al, eds., Children and transitional justice: Truth-telling, accountability and reconciliation. United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School. pp. 327-364.

Within this important but to date underdeveloped area, the greatest focus is on opportunities for transitional justice to transform curriculum initiatives and educational content. In addition to the specific recommendations calling for broader educational reform, many truth and reconciliation commissions (TRCs) are recommending curriculum revision and increased attention to peace and human rights education. The Peruvian case offers what is arguably one of the most comprehensive efforts to incorporate the results of a transitional justice initiative into the national curriculum. An exploration of the effort in Peru offers both practical lessons for improving similar initiatives elsewhere and additional conceptual insights into the challenges of teaching about conflict and the politics behind national curriculum reform. (excerpt)

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