Source: (1997) Cantilevers: Building Bridges for Peace, First Quarter, pp.5-6. Centre for Study of Violence and Reconciliation. Downloaded 20 October 2003.

At prominent slogan of the South African Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) at its public hearings was this: “Truth the Road to Reconciliation.â€? This summarized one of the chief purposes of the TRC in conducting a truth-recovery process through such hearings and taking of written statements. Adopting a truth-for-amnesty approach, the aim of the TRC was to unveil human rights violations, their perpetrators, and their victims with the goals not of revenge and prosecution but of healing and reconciliation. Hamber readily notes that the work of the TRC has done much good. At the same time, he questions whether story-telling equates with healing and whether truth alone will lead to reconciliation.

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