Source: (1994) Aboriginal Peoples Collection. Solicitor General Canada.

The term “healingâ€? is widely used but perhaps not well understood, asserts Marcia Krawll. Hence, in this report Krawll seeks to develop a common understanding of “healingâ€? among Aboriginal community members and non-Aboriginal government representatives. More specifically, she writes with a threefold purpose: (1) to provide a working definition of “healingâ€? in Aboriginal communities; (2) to describe healing approaches currently being undertaken or developed which have included offenders as part of the healing process; and (3) to recommend possible government roles and strategies for supporting healing processes in Aboriginal communities. Following an introduction, the report covers the following topics: the study methodology; a description of a healthy community; the process of healing; the community’s readiness to heal itself; steps and activities which set in motion the healing process; a healing approach which applies to victims of crime and offenders; healing as a process of community development; and the role of non-Aboriginal government programs and processes in healing processes.

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