One thing became clear; for us to find our way back to health after encountering serious crime we needed to become our own experts in every field.

The exploration of the Crime Victim Detour will explain why a violent crime has such catastrophic impact on victims and why restorative justice will look different through the eyes of a crime victim.

These are the issues that they need to face:

1. Story Fragmentation

2. Terror Trauma

3. Grief Displacement

4. Time/Memory Warp

5. Spiritual Crisis

6. Identity Devastation

7. Disabling Harm

8. Blame/Guilt Confusion

9.Truth Dilemma

10. Uncontrollable Rage

11. Victim/Offender Trauma Bond

12. Justice Revictimization

13. Unsatisfactory Closure

14. Recovery Controversy

15. Paralyzing Despair


Read the full paper from the International Institute for Restorative Practices Website.