Source: (2013) International Journal of Legislative Drafting and Low Reform and Contributors. 1: 239-250.

This paper seeks to demonstrate that laws developed through consultative, participative, transparent and accountable process by an independent, impartial and competent drafting entity are an important missing link for advancing democracies, market economies, human rights, sustainable development, social harmonies and integration, legal empowerment of the poor, security and peace at national, regional and international level and for effective states. States draw strength from constitution and laws; depend on institutions to balance conflicting interests, transform tensions into positive forces and universal cultural programming. If a state fails, people make groups and fight their way even against state. The paper highlights the capture of drafting process by private sector and those in power, excluding the marginalized and vulnerable in majority of the states and forcefully makes the case for setting universal standards for policy making, drafting of primary and secondary laws to ensure that voices of the poor, the vulnerable and marginalized are reflected through laws and enforced 239 by transparent and accountable institutions. There have been a lot of discussions and actions about independent judiciary, prosecutors, lawyers and human rights standards but very less or none about independent legislative office. The latter lay the very foundation for legal and institutional framework. The paper then describes characteristics and core elements of sustainable laws and law reform projects and seeks to provide policy, legal and institutions prescription for crisis wracked developing and post conflict countries. The paper discusses practical tools, techniques and process to draft high quality laws for development of responsive, transparent, inclusive and accountable institutions. (Author's abstract)