Source: (2001) Newsletter of the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice 2 (October): 6-7. Downloaded 3 August 2004.

According to the author of this paper, restorative justice was once widely practiced in Ireland under Brehon law. With the beginnings of British dominance in Ireland in the twelfth century, Brehon law began to be supplanted by a more centralized and retributive system. Virtually all trace of Brehon law had been extinguished by the beginning of the eighteenth century. Against this background, the author describes recent changes favoring restorative justice in Ireland. These include establishment of the Victim/Offender Mediation Service (V/OMS) in 2000; a 2001 national conference on restorative justice hosted by V/OMS; a reparation project in the Nenagh community; and the Children Act 2001, which enshrine restorative justice provisions in Irish juvenile justice.