Source: (2000) In Restorative justice: Philosophy to practice, ed. Heather Strang and John Braithwaite, 121-144. Burlington, Vermont, U.S.: Ashgate Publishing Company.

In this chapter, Valerie Braithwaite looks at school bullying and restorative justice practices - particularly the perspectives of parents on how a school bully should be treated. A significant part of her examination deals with the interplay between values and personal experience in responding to a problem like school bullying. For example, she compares values advocated in some approaches to parenting with values expressed in certain restorative justice theories; she also discusses the significance of values in relation to other shaping influences on styles of parenting. She notes that values and general styles do not always guide decision-making, as when parents interact with the school system to deal with a school bully (whether their child is the victim or the aggressor). With all of this in mind, Braithwaite reviews the results of a school survey conducted in Australia, and she relates those results to values that underlie restorative and retributive approaches to strategies for dealing with school bullying.

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