Source: (1997) Social Legal Studies. 6:(2) 163-189.

Recently legal systems in the United States and Europe have r~ been confronted by stern challenges in the name of victims’ rights (Forer, 1980; Fletcher, 1995). There and elsewhere a tide of resentment is rising against a system of public justice which allegedly appropriates and then silences the voice of the victims. The tendency of criminal justice systems in western democracies is to displace the victim, to shut the door on those with the greatest interest in seeing justice done (Roland, 1989; Gewirtz, 1996). In response, victims are demanding that their voices be heard throughout the criminal process. And in place after place their demands have been met (Carrington and Nicholson, 1984; Henderson, 1985; McLoed, 1986; Lamborn,1987). (excerpt)