Source: (2002) Saratoga Springs, NY : Skidmore College, Department of Sociology. 14 February 2003.

The Vermont Department of Corrections Reparative Probation Program began in 1995. Since then hundreds of community board programs have been launched across the country. This study represents the first formal independent evaluation of outcomes of a probation-based community board model, with particular focus on Vermont reparative probation. In it the authors of the study evaluate the effectiveness of reparative probation in realizing identified program goals. Specifically they look at effectiveness in relation to four outcomes: involvement of communities; needs of victims addressed; restoration for communities; and accountability for offenders. After outlining the research methodology, the authors present their results with respect to each outcome, make recommendations for future data collection and evaluation, and summarize their key findings. Additional information at the end includes a list of research references and evaluation instruments.