Source: (1999) Pennsylvania Progress. Juvenile Justice Achievements in Pennsylvania. 6(1). Juvenile Advisory Committee Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. Downloaded 11 June 2004.

There is much attention in the United States, according to Megan Kurlychek, to the philosophy of balanced and restorative justice (BARJ) in the adult and juvenile justice systems. In line with this, the Pennsylvania state legislature amended the state’s Juvenile Act to provide a framework for a balanced and restorative response to juvenile crime. As funds were being committed to implement BARJ, many applicants requested funds for victim offender conferencing (VOC) programs. In view of all of this, Kurlychek examines the background of VOC programs (including potential benefits and problems), the Pennsylvania approach to promoting the effective implementation and operation of VOC initiatives, and a successful program model in York County, Pennsylvania.

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