Source: (2006) In, Dennis Sullivan and Larry Tifft editors, "Handbook of Restorative Justice" A Global Perspective. London and New York: Routledge. Taylor & Francis Group pp. 63-86

Victim offender mediation (VOM) is spreading rapidly and continually in European countries. It is no easy thought to draw a picture of VOM in Europe that has a clear profile. Tony Peters spoke about ‘a diversified landscape of competing visions.’ However, although we do find considerable diversity with regard to the scope of VOM (i.e. the number of referrals or the range of offences to be included, the degree of its being grounded in legislation, its community or its professional orientation), there are some features of VOM in Europe that differ from the African, Anglo-American, or Asian approach. This pertains especially to: 1) the extent of activities in setting up VOM-programs or pilot projects; 2) the extent of legislative activity; and 3) the extent of professional training programs for mediators. (excerpt)