Source: (2002) "Victim-Offender Mediation: Organization and Practice in the Juvenile Justice Systems" series. Bologna, Italy: Research Institute on Judicial Systems, National Research Council (IRSIG - CNR). Downloaded 19 November 2004.

The European Commission’s Grotius II Criminal Programme initiated a project to address the need for better understanding of victim-offender mediation practices with juvenile offenders and justice systems in Europe. Under this project, studies were contracted and research papers produced to examine the situation in a number of European countries. Each study covered the following matters: norms and legislation allowing for the implementation of VOM programs; theoretical frameworks of VOM centers; organizational structure of VOM centers; categories and profiles of juvenile offenses; professional characteristics and job satisfaction of mediators; and advantages and criticisms of VOM. The papers were presented and discussed at a final seminar in Bologna, Italy, September 19-20, 2003. Within the categories mentioned above, this particular paper surveys victim-offender mediation with juveniles in Belgium. There are two parts to the paper: the first covers Flanders; and the second covers Walloon.