Source: (2003) Conférence Permanente Européenne de la Probation (CEP) Workshop, "Justice and Balance: Victim, Offender and Community Perspectives", 15-16 May 2003, Prague, Czech Republic. Downloaded 20 May 2004.

This presentation will focus on how we can integrate a victim approach in working with offenders after they have been convicted to a sentence, be it a custodial sanction or a non-custodial one. The general, theoretical framework is that of restorative justice (some restorative justice related definitions will be given). I will take Belgium as a case-study: starting from initiatives and evolutions in my country, and referring from time to time to developments in other countries as well, I hope to be able to reflecting in a more general way on the potential and the obstacles in developing a new paradigm and a new type of interventions in the field of probation. This new approach should balance in a better way the interests of the victims, the offenders and the community. (excerpt)

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