Source: (2005) 4th ed. Newark, NJ: LexisNexis - Anderson Publishing.

Published in 2005, this is the fourth edition of a standard textbook in the field of victimology for colleges and even graduate schools. For students and other interested people, it presents the history and current state of victimology, as well as a case for focusing on crime victims as a field of study, policy, and practice in its own right. Chapters in this fourth edition of the book include the following: the scope of victimology; gauging the extent of criminal victimization and the development of victimization surveys; the costs of being a victim and of getting involved in the criminal justice system; remedying the plight of victims; restorative justice in relation to victims and offenders; sexual assault; spouse abuse; child maltreatment; elder abuse; homicide; victimization at work and school; and victim rights. Numerous illustrative figures and tables provide a wealth of statistical information and comparisons in each area covered by the book. Each chapter includes lists of learning objectives, key terms, and relevant Internet resources, as well as a summary of the chapter. An extensive bibliography at the end of the book gives the reader ample direction for additional printed resources.