Source: (2006) Report presented by the Minister of Justice of Armenia. 27th Conference of European Ministers of Justice.12-13 October 2006.

This article discusses the need to protect the rights of crime victims. It notes that crime victims have many different types of injuries, from many different groups of people, as the result of their crime—both primary and secondary injuries. In protecting crime victims, the article presents three factors to consider: (1) Assistance to particularly vulnerable victims, (2) Restorative Justice, and (3) Compensation of crime victims. In providing assistance to particularly vulnerable victims, the article defines the issues of vulnerability, defines the major steps in providing assistance to victims, explains the experience in Armenia, and presents major problems an concerns. With respect to Restorative Justice (RJ), the article provides an overview of RJ, discusses mediation in penal matters, discusses conferencing and circles, and identifies some major obstacles. Lastly, the article’s discusses the importance of compensating victims. The author notes it is a victim’s right to receive compensation. However, often there are certain issues that prevent the victim from being compensated. The article discusses possible methods the victim can receive compensation.