Source: (2002) Statutes of New Zealand.

Section 9: Meetings to resolve issues relating to offence If a suitable person is available to arrange and facilitate a meeting between a victim and an offender to resolve issues relating to the offence, a judicial officer, lawyer for an offender, member of court staff, probation officer, or prosecutor should encourage the holding of a meeting of that kind (section 9(1)). These people should only encourage a meeting if they are satisfied that (section 9(2)): the victim and offender agree to the holding of a meeting, and the resources required for a meeting to be arranged, facilitated, and held, are available, and the holding of a meeting is otherwise practicable, and is in all the circumstances appropriate. Section 10: Enforceability of Principles Section 9, and the principles in it guiding the treatment of victims, do not confer on any person any legal right that is enforceable, for example, in a court of law. (excerpt)

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