Source: (2003) Protection and Promotion of Victms' Rights in Europe. DIKÊ International Seminar. Lisbon: Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima.

In addressing the issue of victims’ rights, I shall of course discuss the implications of the framework decision, but also the equally important issue of implementation of the new rights which have been provided. I shall refer to the role of victim services in Europe and the European Forum for Victim Services and also list a wide range of other rights which still have to be addressed. I will not cover the very complex issue of State compensation for victims of crime. This is the subject of a separate consultation by the EU and it is clear to anyone who looks at even the basic provisions that an attempt to harmonise compensation throughout Europe will be extremely complex and expensive. It is equally obvious that there is nothing even approaching parity at the moment, with some countries making generous provision for anyone who becomes a victim of crime in their own country, while other countries whose citizens are benefiting from the more generous regimes provide nothing at all by way of reciprocity. (excerpt)

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