Source: (2005) The Crime Victims Report. 8(6): 81, 94-95.

Crime Survivors for Community Safety (CSCS) has worked for nearly six years with groups representing current and former prisoners and their families. CSCS promotes a criminal justice system that holds people accountable for the harm they have caused in the way that is most likely to prevent future victimization. In 2005 CSCS became a program within the Western Prison Project (WPP). This is the first time in the United States that a group representing survivors of violence and crime has united with a group representing prisoners and their families. In order to be effective, CSCS feels they must holistically advocate for the needs and rights of all crime victims. Bird feels that CSCS must continue to build alliances with as many groups as possible to spread the responsibility and work among larger numbers of people and broaden the reach until it becomes true social change.