Source: (2002) Victim Offender Mediation Association. 12 February 2003.

As indicated in the title, this paper is Marian Liebmann's report on her visit to Uganda in 2002 to conduct skills training in victim offender mediation. This visit followed a trip to Uganda by Liebmann in 1999, at the behest of the Restorative Justice Initiative, in which she provided training for criminal justice professionals. Subsequent to that, Save the Children (a UK organization with work in Uganda) asked Grace Kiconco Sirrah of Restorative Justice Initiative to write a manual to be used to train people all around Uganda in victim offender mediation. The impetus for this manual and training was the Children Statute 1996 in Uganda, a significant and promising piece of legislation, but poorly understood and practiced because there was little awareness of victims' rights and needs or of restorative justice. Liebmann reports on her involvement in the testing of the use of this manual for training in Uganda. In particular, she describes in detail the pilot training project over a three-week period in various locations in Uganda.

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