Source: (2000) Cambridge, MA: Reflecting on Peace Practice Project.

This case study looks at four different Kenyan peace groups: Amani Peoples Theatre (APT), the Peace and Rehabilitation Project of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), Kenya Peace and Development Network (PeaceNet), and Wajir Peace and Development Committee (WPDC). These groups were chosen because they represent large and small organizations, national and community based organizations, with a variety of types of work. In addition, the case study writers were familiar with each of these groups, and had good contacts within each of them. The case study looks at the four groups individually, but perhaps more importantly, examines the web of the “peace world” in Kenya. These four organizations are representative of this wider web of connections. The history of peace work in Kenya, beginning in 1991, is examined, with an analysis of the current state of Kenyan peace work and of the changes that have occurred. (excerpt)

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