Source: (2012) Marquette Law Review 95:127

Kaulana Nl Wai 'Eha: "Famous are the Four Great Waters" of Waihe'e River, and Waiehu, 'lao, and Waikapti Streams in the heart of Central Maui.2 Since time immemorial, Kinaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians)' revered the abundance of fresh water in Hawai'i's rivers and streams, including Nd Wai 'Eh, as a physical embodiment of Kaneikawaiola, a gift from the gods that brought life to the earth.' Traditional songs about this area, such as "Na Wai Kaulana" by Alice Namakelua, beckon listeners to "e 'ike i nd wai 'eha . . . 'o na wai kaulana ia a o ku'u 'dina," "behold the four great streams ... which are the famous waters of my home.