Source: (2004) In Catherine Bell and David Kahane, eds, Intercultural Dispute Resolution in Aboriginal Contexts. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press. Pp. 161-175.

The purpose of this chapter is to introduce key concepts and values based in Aboriginal knowledge systems. In particular, I explore the potential partnership between Aboriginal wisdom and Western scientific knowledge through the concept of Wechewehtowin, a Woodland Cree word meaning “partnershipping” and Weche, meaning a “partnership.” I use Weche here to refer to a partnership of Aboriginal wisdom and Western scientific knowledge. To demonstrate my theory of Weche, I focus on Metis values, my experiences in the forest industry, and my experience as president of and part of the negotiating team for the federation of Metis Settlements. I conclude by looking at the Metis settlements legislation and raise some questions I think Aboriginal people must consider in any dispute resolution process or design. (excerpt)