What is RJOB?

RJOB is replacing the Monthly Edition that has been featured on RJOnline for years. This is part of an "extreme makeover" of the website that will "have its reveal" later this month.

RJOB entries will include news items of interest as well as commentary by a group of engaging “correspondents” on various dimensions of restorative justice. It will offer a wide range of perspectives and information so that the regular reader is well-informed about restorative justice, the movement behind it, and the obstacles to its implementation.


This month we have contributions from five correspondents:

Lisa Rea has 20 years experience in government relations specializing in legislative advocacy, grassroots organizing and media relations. She is a restorative justice expert with a focus on victims-driven restorative since 1993 having worked on the state, national and international levels. Lisa founded The Justice & Reconciliation Project. She is the president of Rea Consulting which provides government relations assistance as well as restorative justice consulting.

Martin Wright has been intimately involved in the growth of restorative justice in the UK and Europe over the past 25 years. He has blended his strong academic training with practical application in his local community to offer guidance to those who need it. He has provided book reviews for RJ Online for many years; and his reviews are thoughtful, careful, critical and respectful.

Kim Workman (of Ngati Kahungunu and Rangitaane descent) is the Director of Rethinking Crime and Justice, a public advocacy group in New Zealand. He is a retired public servant who has worked in a number of agencies including as Head of the Prison Service for four years.

Lynette Parker and Dan Van Ness work at the Centre for Justice and Reconciliation at Prison Fellowship International and are editors of RJOnline.

Other correspondents will be introduced in the coming months. When the new website goes live it will have biographical information on each one.

Monthly Editions

On the first of each month we will select a certain number of the best entries from the previous month and distribute those to the mailing list of people who have subscribed to the monthly updates.

How to Comment

In order to comment you will need a user name and password. Until the new site has gone live you can obtain yours by emailing a request to lparker@pfi.org.