Chief Superintendent Alison Rose said: "This card looks just like any other Christmas card until you open it - then you see the letter written by Amy. It's a very emotive letter and should soften even the hardest heart. I hope that the criminals who receive the card read it and think about the words - some of them will have children or younger brothers and sisters and should consider how they would be affected by a burglary at their home." 

John Bates - Restorative Justice Facilitator for West Yorkshire Probation Service - said: "The Christmas card is an excellent progression following the restorative justice conference where Amy's letter was read to the offender. The whole idea of the restorative process is to give a voice to the people harmed in order to try and repair some of the damage caused. From initially meeting with Catherine and Amy to seeing where they are now clearly evidences the benefits of the process and subsequent Christmas card campaign."

Incidents of burglary often see a national increase in the run up to Christmas and Police are working to ensure that people know how to protect their homes and keep their belongings safe by taking simple measures. Over 100,000 households will also be receiving a Christmas card of their own this year which will offer them basic crime prevention advice. The cards will also be handed directly to Christmas shoppers across Bradford district.


Read the whole release, and view a video of Amy reading her letter.