Source: (2002) Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

According to the editors of this volume, new approaches to community supervision are emerging where the focus of supervision is not just on criminal justice but on community justice. Such approaches are tailored to fit the particular needs of the communities they serve. Hence, they are designed not as mere programs for supervision of individuals on probation or parole, but as strategies for improving community life. This book, then, consists of a number of chapters written by different authors about community justice in practice. Each chapter contains a case study of a community justice type of program in one part of the United States: Ventura County, California; Maricopa County, Arizona; Vermont; Tallahassee, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts; and Deschutes County, Oregon. The case studies highlight real-world programs attempting to fulfill one or more core elements of the community justice model. At the beginning of the book the editors have written a valuable introduction to the community justice model of supervision, and there is a short concluding essay sketching some of the key challenges for this movement.