Source: (2000) 2000 FGDM Roundtable Proceedings. Englewood, Colorado: National Center on Family Group Decision Making, American Humane. Downloaded 1 December 2005.

One of the issues that is emerging in many Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) implementation efforts is the lack of understanding regarding the need for deep re-examination of the philosophy that directs the practice structures that are already in place. Many of the questions that are being asked about problems in implementation can only arise if FGDM has been adopted as simply a progressive ‘tool’ or new way to do child welfare or probation. From this perspective, FGDM is seen, in essence, as a reformation of current practice moving the current paradigm toward best practice. In this context, problems are inevitable because FGDM has been overlaid onto a theoretical structure that contains all the fundamental contradictions of current practice. (excerpt)

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