Source: (2005) In, Nielsen, Marianne O. and Zion, James W., editors, Navaja Nation Peacemaking. Living Traditional Justice. The University of Arizona Press. Tucson pp.100-108

In January 2004, Judges Irene M. Toledo and Angela Keahanie-Sanford of the Navajo Nation Crownpoint Judicial District in northwest New Mexico appointed me as a domestic abuse commissioner in the family court, and I began hearing cases on Fridays starting on February 6, 2004. Based on data I gathered, this chapter revisits some of the conclusions in “Hozho’ Sokee” that were based on theory and anecdotal evidence from peacemakers and support staff. It will (1) analyze the nature of domestic violence cases; (2) identify instances showing when peacemaking works and when it does not; and (3) show how a combined approach using peacemaking and quasi-judicial powers can be innovative. There are distinct differences between the procedures I use and ‘pure’ peacemaking, and they will be addressed in more detail in future writing. (excerpt)