Source: (2001) Harrisonburg, Virginia: Eastern Mennonite University.

Rather than provide a manual on peace-building strategies and techniques, this book relates the real-life stories of Africans in conflict and Africans who are working for peace amidst those conflicts. Other African materials, such as folktales and proverbs, are included to support the themes in the book. A significant part of the authors’ motivation in writing this book is to inspire people in their efforts at peace-building. The authors organize the stories and other materials around a number of themes: conflict and identity; conflict and power; peace and justice; nonviolence; the challenge of transformation; and reconciliation. Chapters include real-life stories of conflict and attempts at conflict resolution and peace-building, questions to consider, reflections on key concepts, and bibliography for further study. The final chapter in particular focuses on ideas that peace-builders may find useful. At the end of the book, resources are listed to assist interested people; resources include Web sites and peace-building organizations in Africa.

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