Source: (1997) Pretoria, South Africa: Department of Welfare, Republic of South Africa.

In the transition from apartheid to a more democratic government and society, South Africa faces significant issues with respect to the social welfare needs of its people. Extreme poverty, great disparities in wealth, a weak economy, and racial and gender inequalities all challenge the country’s government and people. In this policy paper, the government of South Africa, in partnership with other stakeholders, delineates a approach for addressing those needs. The paper outlines key aspects of the social welfare context, a policy framework for a social welfare strategy, systems for implementing that strategy, a list of relevant legislation, and a glossary. In Part II, Section 4 – “Special needs and problemsâ€? – the paper specifically proposes crime prevention through development and restorative justice. This section consists of a situation analysis and strategic guidelines in the following areas: services to offenders, victims, and their families; probation services; crime prevention and alternative criminal justice measures targeted at children and juveniles; and community involvement.

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