Source: (1998) In, Beata Czarnecka-Dzialuk and Dobroncha Wojcik, eds., Juvenile Offender-Victim Mediation. Warszawa: Oficyna Naukowa. Pp. 95-108.

In this paper, Janina Waluk inquires into the introduction of mediation into Poland. Her inquiry covers the following topics: the beginnings of mediation in Poland in the mid 1990s, as initiated by the Committee for Introducing Mediation in Poland; key actions taken by the Committee to develop and advance mediation in Poland; and the rationale for introducing mediation in Poland. In addition to identifying key actions of the Committee, she explains the organization and goals of the Committee. After this survey, Waluk discusses two matters she deems critical to the successful introduction of mediation in Poland: a proper legislative framework; and people willing and competent to conduct mediation.